Editor-in-Chief, Edit Associates (since Jan. 2000)


B. S. Mech. Eng. (1974) Technion, Israel
MS (1977) and PhD (1984) Ben Gurion University, Israel
MS thesis: Determination of the Nd-Ga phase diagram
PhD thesis: Plasma Diagnostics in Si Deposition from SiCl4 Containing Plasmas

Awards and distinctions

    •    National Research Council (NRC) Research Associateship, 1985 (held at NASA Lewis Research Center, Cleveland, Oh).

    •    Australia - US Research Collaboration Fellowship, 1995 (held at US Army Res. Labs, Watertown, Ma).


Honorary activities and positions

    •    Reviewer for the following scientific journals:
Wear, Thin Solid Films, Surface and Coatings Technology, Journal of Materials Research, Publications of IEAust, Mater. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc., TMS Symp.

    •    Session chair, various conferences.

    •    Invited speaker at numerous forums.

    •    Member (elected academic staff representative), Engineering Faculty Board, RMIT (1990-97).

    •    Member (elected academic staff representative), Academic Board, RMIT (1995-97)

    •    Listing in Who's Who in Science and Engineering and in Who's Who in the World since 1998.


Professional Experience and Appointments (including concurrent positions)

    •    1997(11) - 05(03) Visiting Professor at three Japanese Universities: Ion Beam Engineering Experimental Laboratory, Kyoto University; Joining and Welding Research Institute, Osaka University, Osaka; Laboratory for Advanced Science and Technology for Industry, Hyogo University, Himeji.

    •    1987(01) - 99(07) Senior Lecturer - Materials Engineering, Dept. of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) Melbourne, Australia; Research Staff Member, Microelectronics and Materials Technology Centre, RMIT.

    •    1994(12) - 95(03) Visiting Research Fellow, U.S. Army Research Labs. Surface Science Group (in Boston).

    •    1985(07) – 86(07) NASA-NRC Research Associate, Tribology Branch, NASA Lewis (now NASA Glenn) Research Center, Cleveland Oh.

    •    1980(10) - 84(10) Senior Instructor (P/T), Dept. of Materials Engineering, Ben Gurion University, Israel.

    •    1977(7) – 1985(5) - Division Manger, Quality Assurance, Middle East Tube Co., Zriffin Plant, Ramle, Israel.

    •    1973(9) - 1977(7) Teaching Assistant and Laboratory Manager, Dept. of Materials Engineering, Ben Gurion University. Israel.



Graduate Theses Supervision (RMIT)

    •    The Effects of Ion Implantation on the Mechanical Properties of Diamond. G. Anderson, M.App. Sci. 1994 (posthumous award).

    •    Study of Surface Alloys Produced by Cr and N Ion Implantation in Metals. V. Nath, M.Eng, 1991.

    •    Effects of Ion Implantation into TiN. Li-Jun Liu, M.Eng. 1993.

    •    Surface Modification of Steel by DC Plasma, Li Shi, PhD, 1994.

    •    Surface Modification in Powder Metallurgy Production of Automotive Components. Mircea Terheci, PhD, 1994.

    •    Tribological Behaviour of Alumina Ceramics. Xiong Fei, MEng, 1996.

    •    Diamond Film Deposition on Coated Tool Steels. Paul Weiser, PhD (U. Melbourne). 1996.

    •    Development of Materials For Low Wear Current Collectors for Public Transport Systems, Dahai He, PhD, 1998.

    •    Novel Methods of Producing Ceramics from Metallic Precursors. Chull Hee Oh, PhD, 2000.

    •    Development of accelerated steel quenching by the fluidised bed method. Long Minh Huynh, M.Eng, 2001.

    •    Effects of Ion Implantation on the corrosion properties of TiN. Prem Kavuri, PhD, 2002.



Membership, Professional Societies

    •    Institution of Engineers, Australia, (IEAust)

    •    Institute of Materials Engineering, Australasia (IMEA)

    •    The Mineral, Materials and Metals Society of AIME (TMS)

    •    The Materials Research Society (MRS)

    •    Past membership (by invitation), New York Academy of Sciences



Language Proficiency

English, Hebrew, Romanian, French (limited\


Editing Experience

Materials science and engineering
Ion beams, implantation and silicon technology
Device fabrication
Thin films- deposition and analysis
Surface engineering and analytical techniques
Steel and general metallurgy
Mechanical engineering
Control systems
Civil and environmental engineering
eology and earthquake engineering
Systems engineering
acuum processes
Tribology - wear, friction, measurement and control
Experimental physics
olid state physics
Signal processing
Chemistry (analytical) and chemical kinetics
omputer science



Logic puzzles, photography

Research Interests

thin films, surface engineering
hard coatings, deposition techniques, silicon technology
ion implantation
plasma treatments
steel and general  metallurgy
general materials science and engineering,




In excess of 75 publications in journals and conference proceedings, including:

Physical Review B, Journal of Applied Physics, Materials and Metals Transactions A, Wear, Surface and Coatings Technology, Thin Solid Films, Materials Chemistry and Physics, Materials Science and Engineering, Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology, Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing, Materials Research Society (MRS) Symposia Proceedings, Journal of American Ceramics Society, Surface Engineering and NASA Technical Publications

A list of selected recent publications can be found below.

R. Manory, T. Mori, I. Shimizu, S. Miyake, Growth and Structure Control of HfO2-x Films with Cubic and Tetragonal Structures Obtained by Ion Beam Assisted Deposition, J.Vacuum Science and  Technology A 20 (2002) 549-54.

Z. Insepov, R. Manory, J. Matsuo, I. Yamada, Proposal for a Hardness Measurement Technique without Indenter by Gas-Cluster-Beam Bombardment, Physical Review B 61 (2000) 8744-52.

Z. Insepov, R. Manory, J. Matsuo, I. Yamada, Ionized Cluster Beam as a Hardness Measurement Tool, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 148 (1999) 47-52.

R. Manory, A.J. Perry, R. Nowak D. Rafaja, Some Effects of Ion Beam Treatments on Titanium Nitride Coatings of Commercial Quality, Surface and Coatings Technology 114 (1999) 137-43.

F. Xiong, R. Manory, The Effect of Test Parameters on Alumina Wear under Low Contact Stress, Wear 236 (1999) 240-45.

S. Li and R. Manory, Comparison of the Compound Layer Nucleation Mechanisms in Plasma Nitriding and Nitro-carburizing: The Effect of CHn species, J. Materials Science, 33 (1998) 1-5.

R.Manory, C. Li, C. Fountzoulas, J.D. Demaree, J.K. Hirvonen, R. Nowak, Effects of Nitrogen Implantation on the Wear and Hardness of Commercially Deposited TiN Films, Materials Science and Engineering, A 253 (1998) 319-327.

A.J. Perry, R. Manory, R. Nowak , D. Rafaja, Post-treatment of Titanium Nitride by Ion Implantation, Vacuum 49 (1998) 89-95.

D.H. He and R. Manory, Wear of Railways Contact Wires against Current Collector Materials, Wear 215, (1997) 146-55.

F. Xiong, R. Manory, L. Ward, M.S. Lathabai, Effect of Grain Size and Test Configuration on the Wear Behaviour of Alumina, Journal of American Ceramics Society 80 (1997) 1310-12.

R. Manory, R. Sahagian, S.N. Bunker , A.J. Armini, Ion Beam Assisted Film Growth by High Dose Implantation of Carbon into a Liquid Medium, Thin Solid Films 278 (1996) 87-95.

S. Li and R. Manory, Surface Morphology and Compound Layer Pores of Plasma Nitro-carburised Low Carbon Steel, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions 27A (1996) 135-43.

P.S. Weiser, S. Prawer, D. Jamieson, R.R. Manory, Enhanced Carbon Diffusion in Fe under CVD Diamond Deposition Conditions, Thin Solid Films, 290-291 (1996) 186-189.

P.S. Weiser, S. Prawer, A. Hoffman, PJK Paterson, R. Manory, CVD Diamond Films Grown on Titanium Nitride Coated and Uncoated Fe Substrates. J. Applied Physics, 76, (1994) 2164-68.



He, Manory, et al., Low Resistivity Materials with Improved Wear performance for Electrical Current Transfer and Methods for Preparing Same. Australian  Pat. Appl. PP 7739/98 (Dec 98), granted in more than 15 countries including USA, NZ, Canada, China.